It's not so often that a restaurant like The Hill opens in New Jersey. But with a Michelin-starred chef at the helm, coverage from the New York Times, and a significant renovation to a well-known building, this was no ordinary opening. SAM was tasked to develop a range of concepts that reflected the restaurant's story and ambition.

The Northern Valley of Bergen County, where the restaurant is located, was settled by Dutch farmers in the 1700's, and remained an isolated community for nearly 150 years. In fact, the name Closter translates to "a quiet place." Our ideas primarily drew on the agrarian history of the Northern Valley of Bergen County. Balancing the rustic with the refined, our goal was to establish The Hill as a friendly gathering place for quality modern American cuisine.

The first concept was anchored in the industrial environment of a historic, working farm. Featuring a hand-drawn cowbell as the primary mark, it alludes to the livestock that long ago roamed the land where the restaurant stands today.


Another concept